18th International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (ICCE18)

held jointly with the 4th biennial conference of the North American Society for Comparative Endocrinology (NASCE) and 9th International Symposium on Amphibian and Reptilian Endocrinology and Neurobiology (ISAREN)

Chateau Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
June 4-9, 2017



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Grace Pickford Medal Awardees

image 1

2013 (Barcelona, Spain)

Professor Suraj Unniappan, University of Saskatchewan College of Veterinary Medicine, Canada

image 2

2009 (Hong Kong)

Professor Jae Young Seong, Korea University College of Medicine, Korea

image 3

2005 (Boston, USA)

Professor Billy Chow, University of Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

image 4

2001 (Sorrento, Italy)

Professor Hamid Habibi, University of Calgary, Canada

image 5

1997 (Yokohama, Japan)

Professor John Chang, University of Alberta, Canada

1993 (Toronto, Canada)
image 6 Professor Stephen Tobe, University of Toronto, Canada and

image 7

Professor Hubert Vaudry, Université de Rouen, France

image 8 1989 (Malaga, Spain)Professor Yoshitaka Nagahama, National Institute for Basic Biology. Okazaki. Japan
image 9

1985 (Copper Mountain, USA)

Professor Richard E. Peter, University of Alberta, Canada

1981 (Hong Kong)
image 10 Professor Paul Licht, University of California, Berkeley, USA and
image 11


Professor Hiroko Nishimura, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA


History of Pickford Medal

image 12
Professor Grace Pickford (1902-1986)


Pickford Medal in Comparative is a quadrennial award presented by the International Federation of Comparative Endocrinology Societies (IFCES) to a promising comparative endocrinologist who is below 45 years. It was first established by the International Society of Comparative Endocrinology to honour the renowned comparative endocrinologist Dr. Grace Evelyn Pickford (1902-1986). Dr. Pickford was a professor of biology at Yale University (USA), and is a pioneer in comparative endocrinology. Her seminal work in elucidating the structure and function of pituitary in fishes is outlined in the book “The Physiology of the Pituitary Gland of Fishes” (1957; Grace E. Pickford and James W. Atz, New York Zoological Society/Taylor and Francis). Another area where she made significant contributions was in improving our understanding of the endocrine regulation of iono- and osmo-regulation in fishes. A well-respected teacher, she is also credited for developing techniques and tools highly regarded and widely used in the field. She received Yale University Graduate School’s Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal for outstanding contributions in professional life. After her retirement from Yale University in 1980, she continued her teaching and endocrine research at the Hiram College (Ohio, USA).

The Pickford Medal is awarded once every 4 years at the International Conference of Comparative Endocrinology, where the awardee delivers Pickford Medal Lecture, one of the plenary lectures of the meeting. Dr. Pickford herself awarded the Pickford medal at the ninth ICCE (1981) held in Hong Kong.


Pickford Medalists

(Country) and Year of Award are provided with names.

  1. Drs. Paul Licht (USA) & Hiroshi Nishimura (USA) - 1981
  2. Dr. Richard E. Peter (Canada) – 1984
  3. Dr. Yoshitaka Nagahama (Japan) – 1989
  4. Drs. Hubert Vaudry (France) and Stephen Tobe (Canada) – 1993
  5. Dr. John P. Chang (Canada) – 1997
  6. Dr. Hamid R. Habibi (Canada) – 2001
  7. Dr. Billy Chow (Hong Kong) – 2005
  8. Dr. Jae Seong Yong (Korea) – 2009
  9. Dr. Suraj Unniappan (Canada) – 2013


  1. Pickford Collection at the Yale University Peabody Museum and the Hiram College museum.
  2. JN Ball (1987): In Memoriam: Dr. Grace E. Pickford, General and Comparative Endocrinology, 65:162-165.
  3. The photo of Dr. Pickford, shown in page 1 is taken from the Hiram College website (http://library.hiram.edu/index.php/finding-aids/personal-papers-finding-aids/1329-the-grace-e-pickford-collection). This is the same photo shown in item 2. Permission is most likely required to use it in the ICCE website.











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